About Us

How it all began

Zash Products is a proud American owned supplier of premium products.

At Zash , we drives us to offer the best products of the highest quality, always with a light touch on our planet.

As a team, we are a diverse bunch. We bring at least nine different cuisines into the lunchroom, speak over ten different languages, celebrate six different faiths and prove that age is no barrier to success. One thing unites us, though and that’s the fact that we are all premium quality lovers.

Our factory first approach

Zash Products are from USA,france,italy and many other designers from all over the world.

An obsession with Fashion

Our R&D team works closely with our partners to find the best bags and designer’s products .

Committed to our planet

As a company, we have always considered our Planet in our decisions and actions. We have been on a long journey to utilise materials that are better for our environment and minimise Snooza products contributing to our ever increasing landfill problem.

We sell products that last and do what we can to make them last even longer.

Our mission


We do this by creating products that are durable, repairable, luxurious, harmonious with modern community, whilst minimizing our impact on the planet.